Tractor Stuntman

INDIA (Punjab) An Indian farmer is leaving spectators in awe with his jaw-dropping skills of doing wheelies for 100 meters on a tractor. Gaggi Bansra, 21, has been wooing his fans with his unbelievable acts for more than four years."It is a thrilling ride. It takes me to a different zone. I feel all pumped up while doing these stunts," boasts Gaggi without an iota of fear.During one of the field works four years ago, he came up with the idea of trying his hands on doing a wheelie on the tractor.With growing popularity across the villages, offers from fair and films started pouring in. He said: "People came from far and wide villages to see me doing the stunts. They found it unbelievable because they had no clue how I could even lift the tractor off the ground. He get offers from various fair organisers every year. He says: "I had never seen any videos of such stunts before. It just came to my mind that why not try doing some adventure with the heavy machine. "I would be honest, I miserably failed the first day as the tractor was heavy and it did not even come off the ground." While the first try was a complete disappointment, Gaggi was unfazed and kept his hopes high. Within three months he mastered his act.Once he got into the groove, the young farmer started showing off his stunts to pals and other farmers in the field. Slowly he earned name and fame as the 'Tractor Stuntman' in the neighbouring villages.