How to build bridges in China

This unique machine was made in China, as part of the project to build a railway from Beijing to Inner Mongolia. The total length of the tracks should be about 17 thousand kilometers, and naturally on the way of construction there are mountains and canyons. At the same time the road is designed for high-speed trains, which will travel at a speed of 250 to 350 km / h
Therefore, the paths themselves should have as few joints as possible, and bridges - sufficiently long sections. It was for the construction of bridges by the 11th design bureau of the Chinese Railways that a bridge-laying machine, unnamedly named SLJ900 / 32, was designed. And it was built by his company Hanjiang Heavy Industries. The figure 900 in the title indicates the maximum weight in tons of the bridge segment that the monster is able to lay. It weighs much less - "only" 580 tons.
In length, it reaches 91.8 meters, a width of 7.4 meters and 9 meters in height. Due to such dimensions, he can move independently as he builds through tunnels and roads. Thanks to such an interesting decision by Chinese engineers, the speed and efficiency of building bridges have increased significantly.